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Let's get back to basics.


Hi! I'm Lauren Brooks, a third-year medical student in Tennessee, and I want to help people love living a balanced, healthy life that is guided first and foremost by great food and medicine and science-backed health guidance. I do not believe in labels, extremism, fad diets, or "quick fixes". I am dedicated to learning about the best, most achievable and balanced way of living in health.

You may wonder why my site looks like this. I've been looking at health & food blogs and recipes for years and years. It's been a longtime passion of mine. However, I've always strayed away from sites that were oversaturated with giant pictures and a million links and buttons all over the place. I found it distracting and overwhelming. 

The whole point of BB is simplicity and basics. I don't want to overload you. I want to give you the information you need to know, whether that's a recipe or a simple guide, not flood you with words and a thousand pictures of the same dish from different angles. I'm here to celebrate food and health and green living with you, not drown you in content. So that's why I've created my site the way it is: simple, clean, and back to basics. I hope you love it as much as I do!



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