Quick Tips To Reduce Waste

If we're being honest, I think we all can make little changes to help the environment. One of the biggest threats to our environment is waste from plastic, which takes lifetimes to degrade. Do your part in reducing your plastic usage to help our environment! If you're interested in some eco-friendly products to help you cut down on plastic usage (like stainless steel lunch boxes and zero-waste beauty products, check out my Amazon list here).

And here are my quick tips for cutting down on plastic today:

1. Replace plastic water bottles with a reusable glass, aluminum, or stainless steel.

I love Swell and HydroFlask. They can double for hot and cold liquids! You can also go glass, aluminum, or steel.

2. Get reusable 100% cotton produce bags (the ones I bought are from Amazon).

Image from Anthropologie

Image from Anthropologie



3. Use reusable cotton shopping totes.

The ones I use are free from Sezane! I am, of course, obsessed with this brand, and one cute little perk of shopping from them is the free seasonal totes they give you with your order. Of course, you don’t need to shop for clothing to get free totes. You can also buy them from your local grocery store, or anywhere online. Try to get either recycled fabric or 100% cotton to make sure no virgin plastic is in the tote. After all, we’re trying to cut down on plastic here! :)

Image from Sezane

Image from Sezane



4. DIY cosmetics instead of store bought (and save some money!). 

Quick DIY's:

  • Cornstarch = dry shampoo

  • Coconut oil + baking soda = toothpaste

  • Arrowroot + cacao powder = powder foundation

  • ...just to name a few! Plenty more on sites like Trash is For Tossers.

5. Refuse plastic bags, cups, and utensils when eating out.

This might feel weird at first, but trust me, people at restaurants really don’t care. Don’t worry about making a fuss or being different. Different is good! Set the trend!

6. ...Eat out less!

And when you do, only order the amount you'll actually eat, so you don't have to take home leftovers in plastic or styrofoam containers. If you still have leftovers, you could try bringing your own containers or recycling the plastic ones they give you. Just do whatever you can, we can’t be perfect.

7. Use jars and glass bowls instead of plastic tupperware.

Better for the environment, for your health (BPA, anyone?), and looks prettier in your cupboards :)

8. Use cotton towels instead of paper towels.

...or cut up old T shirts & towels to make your own paper towels! Super simple and you can just throw in a delicates bag and wash with the rest of your clothes. Never buy paper towels again!

Here are some on Etsy if you don’t want to make your own. And here are my favorite Etsy shops for green living!

9. Use recycled toilet paper.

I like this brand below, because it’s recycled and comes packaged in paper and cardboard with no plastic, but there are other options.


10. Look for things packaged in paper, cardboard, or tins instead of in plastic:

  • bar soap (hand soap, body soap, face soap)

  • cosmetics - makeup, skin care, hair care

  • foods - avoid single-use plastic

  • tools (cleaning brushes, makeup brushes, combs)

  • household products: toilet paper (see above), paper towels, cleaning supplies, laundry soap (powder comes in cardboard)

  • ...you name it!


Stay tuned for more upcoming articles on easy ways to reduce waste and be more eco friendly - and to save money doing it!