Favorite Etsy Shops For Green Living

Etsy is a beautiful, beautiful place -- homemade household items, beauty products, jewelry, you name it! I personally love to support small businesses and people who champion zero waste or green business styles. Here is a list of some of my favorite Etsy shops for green living supplies!

P.S. Come back to this later! I will keep it updated as I explore more and more


Great place for zero waste mascara, eyeliner & foundation! They feature minimal packaging and great reviews

2. Dispensers & Bottles: Rail19


Bonus: this place is locally owned & based in Nashville, TN! They've got great glass dispensers that come in a lovely arranged of metal dispenser (personal fave is the rustic copper!). Great for storing DIY shampoo, conditioner, soap, lotions, etc.

3. Soft and Scrubby

Perfect shop for inexpensive 100% cotton reusable face rounds! I highly recommend replacing cotton balls and pads (which come packaged in plastic) with these reusable rounds. You can simply pop them in a delicates bag and wash, & you'll never have to buy cotton makeup pads again! Also, they shipped the SAME day I placed my order!

4. Cosmetics - Dirty Hippie Cosmetics


Low waste packaging for skin care, hair care, and makeup! A little pricey but they've got a good range of supplies! Based in Australia, with about 10$ shipping to US (So I'd recommend bulk ordering)

5. Bulk DIY Supplies - PlantGuru

The downside of this shop is it is not packaged eco-friendly. They have plastic, however, their supplies are cheap, and I reason that if you buy bulk materials from them you probably save a lot plastic from cosmetic containers in the future if you make sure to use 100% of what you buy into DIY cosmetics and care products you make! This is a great alternative if you, like me, don't have a bulk shop you can go to for refills on soaps/shampoos/etc.

6. Laundry soap - Copper Organics

Zero waste laundry soap! Comes in a jar with a paper label. Bulk order to make most out of shipping cost.

7. Bath, Body, & Makeup - Magic Splash Cosmetics


Inexpensive with free shipping! They've got every type of cosmetic and bath product you could want! **Right now, I am waiting on my order of lip balm & foundation to come in, so I will update this or write a review when I've tested it myself!

Alright, those are the good ones I've found so far! I will update this as I find & try out more! Let me know in the comments if you've tried these stores or if you have good recommendations!


All these pictures belong to the owners of these shops.