My Favorite Instagram Accounts

Instagram is my true love. I am such a visual person by nature, and food and fitness (my favorite topics) are also very visual by nature. Enter: Instagram, the ultimate place for beautiful photos from fitness experts, personal trainers, foodies, food bloggers, doctors, and anyone else you can imagine! I've been on Instagram for years, though I've only recently started my own account. Below are the accounts I absolutely love on Instagram!


#1 - Oatmeal Stories

Username: @oatmeal_stories

Theme: Magda, a mom from the Netherlands, is an expert in food styling and food photography, and focuses on plant based treats -- nice cream, smoothie bowls, chia parfaits, sushi and more!


#2 - Way of Gray

Username: @wayofgray

Theme: Ok, if you've read my article on best workout programs, you'll know my deep love for Way of Gray. She's a holistic nutritionist and personal trainer who focuses on self love and acceptance. She transitioned from ab selfies to body positivity, and she's an inspiring young woman!


#3 - Ps.Ny

Username: @ps.ny

Theme: Olia from NYC has an adorable puppy named Cookie that she features often amongst her artful pictures of plant based food and plants. Her creations are just out of this world. Look at this one:


#4 - Deliciously Ella

Username: @deliciouslyella

Theme: Well you know I couldn't go long without mentioning Deliciously Ella! Her picture are fun and filled with creative ways to use veggies!


#5 - Vibrant & Pure

Username: @vibrantandpure

Theme:This account is so fun! She has bold, pretty colors and super creative ways to style food! I could not even come up with the ways to make food the way she does!


#6 - Vanelja

Username: @vanelja

Theme:This account is classic, with lots of whites and lovely colors. Her food is always unique and has a definite floral theme!

#7 - Hippie Lane

Username: @talinegabriel

Theme:Taline's account is so beautiful, and filled with breathtaking, colorful food pics as well as fantastic travel photos! She is a plantbased food author and creator of the Hippie Lane app, which I also recommend!


#8 - Alpha Foodie

Username: @alphafoodie

Theme:This account is simply stunning. Her creations are always unique and very intricate. She has absolutely mastered the art of pastel-colored food, flowers, and frosted berries. So delicious and healthy!

Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 10.29.48 PM.png

#9 - Bo's Kitchen

Username: @boskitchen

Theme:Bo is a plantbased food blogger with a lovely website full of delicious, healthy ingredients. Her instagram features her recipes and is so vibrant and creative!


#10 - Lulu's Dream Town

Username: @lulusdreamtown

Theme:Lulu features amazing, colorful food pictures, as well as captions supporting body positivity and mental health + confidence! Though her account features magical food and colors, it's about more than that and so is worth a mention.


There you have it! My top ten favorite instagram accounts! By the way, have you checked out my account? (Sorry, had to mention it). I feature pictures from recipes on this blog, as well as shots of what I'm eating day to day and features from other beautiful accounts.


Username: @brooksbasics


Other account favorites!

Let me know what you think of these accounts! And if you have any favorites you think should be added, please let me know in the comments below! 


Note: these pictures belong to the creators of these accounts.