My 3 Favorite Workout Programs

There are a lot of workout programs out there. A lot of them are just regular people with no experience or qualifications trying to sell "what worked for me". These programs I do not support. What worked for one person will not work for everyone, and it's just not smart to blindly follow someone with no expertise or certification in what they're trying to preach. I love working out. My prime source of fitness is my distance running, but I love trying out various workout programs to get strong and toned -- because running alone won't do that for you! My favorite programs are HIIT-based (high intensity interval training), or focus on strength or circuits of some type. I myself have zero certifications in fitness (I'm a medical student, not a personal trainer), so I am only pointing on some programs for certified instructors that I have enjoyed and think are well designed. So, without further ado, here are my favorites!

#1 - Way of Gray


I am absolutely obsessed with Way of Gray. Obsessed. One, this girl is gorgeous. Two, she is my soul sister (rather stay in and watch Netflix and bake cookies? I'm with ya, Sophie). Three, she is a beautiful soul. The entire focus on her blog, Instagram, website, and programs is self love. She encourages that you do not have to be a certain weight to be happy, and to love yourself no matter what you see in the mirror. This is a wonderful message to project from a fitness blogger! She has several programs, and I have her current Love Yourself Workout Program, HIIT+ Yoga Program, as well as many of her recipe books. Her new program is the Lovestyle Tribe, where you subscribe for 10$ a month and get new content. Also, since I'm obsessed, I also have her fitness + nutrition journal. Please, check out her website and workouts. They are intense and will kick your butt, but she only makes you do 4 a week, with 3 rest days! I'm all about that.

Type: HIIT

Length of workout: 35-50 minutes

Price: 10-40$, depending on program type (current LoveStyle Tribe subscription is 10$/month)

Overall: Excellent, doable, and at a very reasonable price!

#2 - Kayla Itsines (BBG)


Ok, so you've probably heard of Kayla Itsines. Famous Instagram personal trainer. Lots of bikini body programs. New BBG app. One thing I love about Kayla's workouts is that they're short (only 28 minutes), and she lays out a very clear plan for you (mix of BBG resistance, HIIT, and LISS or low-intensity workouts). It's impossible to go wrong with the plan (unless your lazy or go rogue like me). But the workouts are no joke. I'm a distance runner and have pretty good endurance, so I assumed I could start later in BBG, but I was wrong. I had to start from square one, because her more advanced workouts were...well, too advanced. The proof is out there (just check her Instagram). Her workouts simply work! However, I am not a super fan of the direction she's going, that everything is getting a bit commercial, you've got to pay for every bit of info, and her new workout app has gotten pretty shady reviews (it's a subscription that makes you pay even if you've already got the BBG programs), so I'm not super on board with pricey-ness of her programs (some are well over 50 or 100$!). In comparision to Way of Gray, which I only paid about 30$ for (for a 3 month program). But, to be fair, Kayla's got a bit more "evidence" out there on the Internet to support her program, so you know you're getting something tried and tested.

Type: Mix of HIIT, resistance, and LISS

Length of workout: 28 minutes

Price: 4.61$/week or 54$ for one ebook

Overall: Excellent, well-tested, but a bit pricey

#3 - Cassey Ho - Blogilates


Ok, I love so many things about Cassey. One, she's so positive and bubbly! The perfect fitness instructor, especially when you're crying your way through one of her insanely difficult workouts (either they're insanely difficult or I have an insanely weak core...yeah, it's probably the latter). I feel so cheerful during her workouts, even as she's flattening me dead. Another thing I love about her site is that there is so much that is free! Literally so many free workouts. I just love that, it shows that she's passionate about sharing her message, even for those who can't afford her new paid program, PIIT 28. This program is a cross between HIIT and pilates, and is 39$ for 28 days of workouts. It's a bit pricey to me, but I don't think you really need to buy the workouts. I don't do her workouts religiously, only when I'm looking to target unique areas or tone up, but she's my absolute go-to for strengthening my core and getting in short, but intense toning workouts.

Type: Mix of pilates and HIIT

Length of workout: depends on the workout you select, all different lengths

Price: free in website; PIIT program is 39$ for 28 days

Overall: Great, targeted, free if you stick to her website but a little pricey if you go for the program


Some other resources to keep any eye on...

  • Nike Training Club - an excellent, female-focused app you can get on your phone that has a lot of intense and targeted workouts for any fitness level.
  • Sworkit - another app you can get on your phone. This one is very customizable. You tell it what type of workout you want to do and how long you want to work out, and it will generate a workout for you. Very handy and keeps things changed up!
  • FitSugar workouts - this one is not a program, but it has tons of free workout videos from all sorts of guest personal trainers, of all different sorts of intensities and lengths.


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