The Ultimate List: Healthy Food + Nutrition + Lifestyle Blogs


Are you looking for inspiration to get healthy? Well, whether that means food + recipes, fitness + workouts, or just general lifestyle tips, here are the blogs I've come across that I think are incredibly valuable. Also, all of these blogs in this list are beautifully crafted and have a lovely asthetic - I just think that makes me even more inspired as I look around online.

These blogs focus on holistic living and whole foods, some of the things that I'm most passionate about, and hope to carry over with me into my future practice as a physician. I believe that true health doesn't just end with medications and fixing symptoms, but is deeper: and that means being conscious about what you're eating, how you're moving, and how you're living. These blogs reflect that philosophy and inspire me!

Note: No blog owner asked me to include their blog in the list. This is the list I have freely created without any outside influence, just because I love them that much!


1. Deliciously Ella - Food


If you know me, you probably already know about my great love for DE. I absolutely love all her recipes, books, and she even has a great app, too! If you're in to starting to eat healthfully, and eat whole foods, she is a powerhouse of inspiration.


2. Nutrition Stripped - Nutrition, Fitness, Health, Food


One thing that is great about NS is that she is a certified dietitian. Oh, and she's from Nashville like me, and Nashville is awesome. Because she's a nutritionist, she includes nutrition information in addition to her healthy recipes, and packs in a lot of veggies in very unique ways. She's got a blog, cookbook, along with several nutrition & eating programs, so another great source of information!


3. Sprouted Kitchen - Food

SK is all about natural food in its purest form. Her recipes pack in a lot of veggies, and are seasonally inspired. Their photos are beautiful and just to die for!


4. My New Roots - Food, Nutrition

Sarah of My New Roots is a holistic nutritionist, and is a plant-based eater. Her recipes are unique and focus on whole foods and lots of veggies. One of my favorite recipes of hers is her chocolate buckwheat granola!


5. Green Kitchen Stories - Food

GKS is run by a lovely family from Stockholm who cooks unique vegetarian dishes and features stunning photography.

6. Nourished Kitchen - Food

Jenny is all about farm-fresh food and promoting sustainable agriculture, and will inspire you to think more about your food consciously! 


7. Oh She Glows - Food

Angela of OSG is vegan, and a lot of her recipes are healthy and gluten free. She has a blog, some cookbooks, and an app! My absolute go-to for dessert and granola bars.


8. Livia's Kitchen - Food

Livia is a young, UK-based recipe crafter and dessert conneisseur. She is my other go-to for healthy treats. You've just go to try her healthy snickers recipe!


9. The Green Creator - Food

TGC promotes nutrition + whole foods eating. Her recipes are amazing and her photography is gorgeous!


10. The First Mess - Food

Seasonal, natural food + plant-based recipes!


11. Top with Cinnamon - Food


Izy is a young, UK blogger who has phenomenal recipes and stunning pictures. She is studying nutrition & food science - go Izy!


12. Naturally Sassy - Food, Health, Fitness

Sassy is an ex-ballerina turned food and fitness promoter. She has whole foods recipes on her site, which are all vegetarian or vegan, and is passionate about fitness and runs Ballet Blast classes inspired by her dancing days! Lovely young blogger to watch out for!


13. Cookie + Kate - Food

Cookie and Kate is a vegetarian blog featuring Kate and her cute pup Cookie, but she has recipes that any type of eater can get into! Also, she has many vegan, gluten free, paleo options, for those of you that are so inclined. 


14. Carly Rowena - Fitness, Health

If you're into fitness, Carly is a fun source of inspiration! She's got great fitness tips and a solid food philosophy to go along with it!


15. Minimalist Baker - Food


Minimalist Baker is a duo team (the chef and the techie) who are fully vegan and mostly gluten-free. I absolutely adore their recipes. They've got any type of dish you're looking for, from basics to more adventurous meals!


16. Naturally Ella - Food, Health

Erin from Naturally Ella is vegetarian and is all about living naturally. She gave up refined foods to get in shape and turn her life around -- and her blog grew beautiful from that. Check out her yummy cornmeal waffles!


17. Dishing up the DirtFood

If you're into nature or looking to get back to your roots, Angela has got the blog for you. Her recipes come straight from the farm, and will help you look at food more consciously!


18. Oh, Ladycakes - Food

Vegan and mostly gluten free, with seasonal, whole foods ingredients!


19. Love & Lemons - Food

Jeanine, like me, loves lemons. If you've browsed any of my recipes, you'll probably see a lot of it. She's vegetarian-focused and loves seasonal foods!


20. Way of Gray - Life, Fitness, Nutrition, Food


Way of Gray is an amazing young women who has gone quite the transformation in her life with health and fitness. Aspiring model turned personal trainer and holistic nutritionist, she promotes self love, body positivity, and holistic health!

21. Blogilates - Fitness, Health

You probably know Cassie already, but it's worth a mention. Great, short workouts to get you back into shape and tone you up!


22. MindBodyGreen - Health, Life, Nutrition, Fitness, Food

My absolute go-to for health-related articles. They focus on holistic health


23. Greatist - Fitness, Health, Nutrition, Food, Life

Another great go-to for any health related articles. Especially check out their compilations of favorite sites and recipes!


24. Sarah's Day - Fitness, Health, Life

OK, so not a blogger, but a YouTuber. She has great high intensity workouts on her channel, a new guide out, and focuses on paleo-based whole foods eating. She's also advocates not restricting your diet, so a great inspiration there!


25. My Sweat Life - Fitness, Health



26. Nourish Your Glow - Lifestyle, Health, Beauty

A new blog I just discovered, she has a beautiful aesthetic and some great whole foods recipes.


27. Madeline Shaw - Food, Health, Life

Another great center of information, Madeline has many healthy recipes, as well as guides to health and cookbooks!


28. The Full Helping - Food

Plant-based foods + compassionate living!


29. Summer Tomato - Health, Nutrition, Food

Darya has a PhD in neuroscience, and promotes getting healthy without dieting! Great recipes + inspiration on multiple areas of health.


30. - Amy MD - Health, Nutrition, Science, Food

Similar to me, Amy is looking at the intersection between holistic living + science. She has green health tips and ways to incorporate holistic practices into your health.


Can you think of a blog that would fit into this list? Comment play or message me directly!

I plan to update this list as I find blogs that inspire me and fit into my health philosophy, so keep checking back!

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