Review: Au Natural Skinfood


I recently heard about Au Natural Skinfood from a zero waste blogger, and I thought I would try them out! I went to their website, and saw that they offer a subscription service that includes sending you their products in reusable metal tins and containers, and then sending you compostable refill pouches. I have been on the hunt for a line of zero waste skincare for a long time, one that could be delivered to my door in an eco-friendly way and that wasn’t only available at a specific store in a specific city. I know there are several brands out there, but this concept really spoke to me: the compostable refills, the free shipping, the subscription service, and their ethical and natural approach to making their products. The full package of all these things really astounded me, so I went for it!

I started out with their travel kit, which includes a 14 day supply of all their ingredients.

Included in the Travel Kit:

  • AM Serum

  • PM Serum

  • Remove (Face wash)

  • Prepare (Facial toner)

  • Aluminum tin

  • Biodegradable spatula

  • Natural tote bag

All of this was only 30$, and I believe I received a 20$ discount as it was my first order with them, so total with $9.95 shipping was about 20$ I believe.

The skincare routine

It is pretty common sense, but consists of using Remove to wash your face, followed by Prepare toner (sprayed on a cotton round), then moisturizing with either the AM or PM serum. I also received a sample of the face oil, and that goes on after the moisturizer at night.

Their line of skincare features natural ingredients and Manuka Honey in most of their products. They’re a New-Zealand based company and I believe they harvest mostly from local sources.


The Remove and Prepare came in aluminum bottles with plastic pumps, and the AM & PM serum come in small metal tins. The sample face oil — and the full size — come in glass stopper bottles. The sample bottle had a plastic rim. Everything in the Travel Kit came in the aluminum box/tin, and came with a cotton tote bag.

In my second order, I got the full sized face oil which had no plastic, full sized AM serum, and also received a free Repair lip balm, which came in a metal tin. I also received another cotton tote bag! They’re after my own heart, I love freebies.

Everything in both orders was packaged in cardboard, and encased in a home-compostable plastic-feeling green bag!

First impressions


This face cleanser is a creamy cleanser, so it doesn’t foam or create suds. I was a little suspicious of it, cause it doesn’t feel like it’s washing, but when I rinsed it off, my face did feel clean and not raw and over-washed or over-dried like other facial cleansers can. It is very gentle, and has a pleasant consistency and smell.

After the third day of using this, I did have a tiny pimple, so I switched back to my harsher sudsy face soap, the Meow Meow Tweet tea tree oil face bar. I’m not sure if it was a coincidence or not, but I’m a bit of a hair trigger when it comes to acne. I plan in the future to try to use this again, perhaps only in the morning, and leave the harsher face bar from MMT for the evening when I’ve worn makeup for an entire day.


This is a watery consistency, and comes out kind of yellow-ish, and I’d guess that to be the Manuka Honey. It feels very nice on the skin, removes makeup (I use non-waterproof makeup), and is nicely cooling. I’m not sure what exactly it is doing for my skin, because I had a hard time using this on a consistent basis. I was nervous to give up my Paula’s Choice AHA lotion, which I’ve used as a toner for years and which I credit with keeping me acne-free. However, in the future, I plan on attempting to wean off my Paula’s Choice for this, because this is so much more eco friendly. Stay tuned!


Am Serum

I think the sample size that I got in the travel kit was a defective batch, because when I used this, it left a gritty, grainy texture on my skin and peeled away from my skin. It was very odd! However, when I later purchased the full-size container of this serum, it was totally different, and was smooth going on, with none of that grainy texture! I probably just got a bad batch, cause the new one was miles different, and perfect.

It is lightweight, and non-greasy, and is perfect if you have acne-prone skin like I do. I did not break me out even once, and was a great primer for makeup (combined with a little primrose oil I’ve started using as well). Not only was it a great primer and moisturizer, but for the first time in forever, my dry areas went away, and I had no more flaky-ness to my skin! I also felt that my skin texture and tone improved a lot in just a short time after I started using this.

Also, I think the bigger container will last a long time, cause you only need a tiny dab of this for your entire face. I love the metal tin it comes it — that will be immediately travel friendly when I travel in the future!

PM Serum

This was my favorite in the bunch. It contains bee venom, harvested ethically. At first, I thought yikes! I’m going to break out in hives or have an allergic reaction, or my face will be red after I use it. However, none of that happened. I did a patch test on my hand just to make sure before I used this for real, but I never had any sort of redness or reaction to it. The texture of this serum is just amazing. It is thick, creamy, and feels like the most hydrating thing in the world. I have acne-prone skin and thought for sure I would break out after this, but I never did. I did start using this about a week after everything else, to make sure one product or the other didn’t break me out—and if it did, I wanted to be able to pinpoint it to the specific one, but this one did not, even though it contains oil. After I started using this one, the texture of my face felt miles smoother! I could not believe it.

Final thoughts

I love, love, love it! I’ve already created a subscription bundle with them, I loved my experience so much, I love their ethos and their comitment to ethical practices and sustainability. I love the subscription concept, I love the compostable refills, it all just seems so perfect and easy if you’re lazy but eco-friendly like me. It worked perfectly with my acne-prone skin, which was something I was very skeptical about. Also their customer service is amazing! It astounded me. They answered my emails super fast, they gave me free samples in all my orders, and were always just super personable and nice. They definitely make you feel like a valuable customer.

If you are interested, bundles work like this: you subscribed to a minimum of two products for 35$/month, and it auto-ships every 8 weeks (so that comes out to $70 for two products that last 2 months). Every additional product you add only costs $10/month (so $20 total). The concept is a bit confusing, but their website breaks it down nicely. I am %100 subscribing to the AM serum, PM serum, face oil, and likely the Prepare. I am on the fence about how much I’m going to use the Remove, since I have a zero-waste face bar that is less expensive, but I think I will keep a bottle of it around and try to use it in the mornings cause I like that it’s gentler on my skin than the face bar.

4.9/5 stars!

PS, this is NOT a sponsored post, but if you fancy creating a bundle with them, perhaps consider using my referral code (lau030265). It really helps me out! <3