10 Ted Talks To Watch About Climate Change & The Environment

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Climate change is a hot topic right now — and for good reason. Climate scientists predict we have a decade or less to reverse the damage we’ve done and make some radical changes in order to avoid feedback loops and an irreversible tipping point. If you are interested in getting involved, and are looking for some resources to learn, Ted Talks can be an easy format to begin. Here are my top picks for Ted Talks to learn more about climate change and proposed solutions.

If you want to take action, see my Climate Change Action Guide here. If you are looking for books to read, check out my Bookshelf.

1. The Disarming Case To Act right now on climate change with greta thunberg

The OG teen activist Greta Thunberg, who inspired thousands of students across Europe and the US to school strike for climate change, gives an inspiring talk about the need to act not later, but right now to combat climate change and save our future.

2. The Case for Optimism On Climate Change by Al Gore

Al Gore is back, in a lively discussion about the solutions that are being developed to combat climate change. Climate change can seem bleak at times, especially with newer and worsening projections about the future of our planet, but this will lift you up and inspire you to get involved in the solution!

Keep in mind, however, this was posted 3 years ago, and no enormous strides have come forth since then. Time to act.

3. What one person can do about climate change by Ella Lage

This Berliner tells her story about how she and three other people were able to inspire movements for companies to divest in fossil fuels. And inspiring story about how one person can make a difference —and so can you!

4. Three steps to cut your carbon footprint by 60% today By Jackson Carpenter

Great, practical tips to reduce your carbon footprint today - from your home electricity to your car to plastic use. These are super achievable steps you can take today!

5. The most important thing you can do to combat climate change by Katherine Hayhoe

It can be challenging to discuss climate change with people who are uninformed or who do not believe it is even occurring. This climate scientist gives a talk about talking with these people and the importance of maintaining hope.

6. A climate solution where all sides can win by Ted Halstead

One fear of climate change deniers is they think that acting will hurt our economy. However, investing for our future now and creating the infastructure for renewable energy in fact has the vast potential to create new jobs and open new competitive markets. Ted Halstead, a policy expert, depicts a vision powered by conservative values that shows that acting on climate change can in fact be economical.

7. Why Climate change is a threat to human rights with Mary Robinson

This take on climate change handles the human rights and social injustice. Mary Robinson in this Ted Talks discusses how the injustice of climate change effects and how it will hit poorer countries, who are contributing the least, more than countries like the US and the UK.

8. 100 solutions to reserve global warming with Chad Frischmann

Who says its hopeless? Not Chad Frischmann. In this video he reveals 100 ideas about how to reverse global warming, hopefully inspiring those who have thrown their hands up and are saying there’s nothing we can do. He proves that there is in fact at least 100 things we can do!

9. The other inconvenient truth by JOnathan foley

Johnathan Foley reveals how agriculture is one of the largest drivers of global warming and climate change. In this Talk he also introduces “terraculture”, a new innovative way for global agriculture for the future and for the planet.

10. How to turn apocalypse fatigue into action by Per espen stokes

An interesting take on climate change, this one deals with the psychology of the debate, including why we haven’t been acting on climate change. It also discuss dealing with anxiety about global warming, and how to ponder and talk about climate change in a healthy way, without shutting down and being too paralyzed by fear or hopelessness to act!

There you have it, 10 easy-to-watch Ted Talks about climate change, giving you valuable knowledge and tools to discuss the issue and to to act. If you want to know next steps to take, check out my Climate Change Action Guide, and donate to organizations like the EDF and the NRDC.