Resources for a Conscious, Healthy Life


Trying to navigate the world in search of a healthy life can be very complicated, especially in these times where healthy eating, "clean eating", veganism, paleo, gluten free, "fitness experts" are all championing their ways of life. At BB, I don't believe in any one way of living. I believe that everyone must find their own niche in life, for whatever works for them, and avoid strict labels wherever possible.

I want to arm you with the resources to find what works best for you, and learn fact from fiction amidst the false claims of the health industry and fitness world. And if you love eating like me, I'd love to share with you some of my favorite foodie bloggers & resources!


For Recipes

Deliciously Ella

Deliciously Ella is an absolute delight and a wonderful blogger to follow, whether you're brand-new to healthy living, or a veteran. She has online recipes, an app, and 4 books out to date! She is plantbased, dairy, and gluten free, so if you have food allergies, she is also a great place to start. Her blog is beautiful, simple, and her books are educational.


Oh She Glows

OSG, like Deliciously Ella, also has a wonderful blog, app, and several cookbooks, and thus is a plentiful source of recipes! They are all beautifully shot, simple, with clear-to-follow instructions. Some of my favorite recipes are her protein and granola bars, as well as desserts! She is plantbased and dairy free.


One Green Planet

Though this is not a food blog, it is a great central location for many plantbased recipes. It collects recipes from thousands of bloggers and authors and saves them all in one place. They also have an app where you can save your favorites and use while you're cooking!


Nutrition Stripped

Nashville-based just like me, Nutrition Stripped has many beautiful recipes and resources for those of you looking for inspiration!

My New Roots

A holistic nutritionist by training, Sarah from My New Roots does not subscribe to any strict diet or label, but instead focuses on whole foods. A beautiful blog to peruse.

Green Kitchen Stories

This blog is written by a plantbased couple who posts beautiful photos and unique ways to get in your veggies!

Livia's Kitchen

Great place for healthy desserts! If you love chocolate + nut butter, look no further!

For Information


Dr. Mark Hyman

An ex-ER doctor, Dr. Hyman has numerous books, social media accounts, and a website dedicated to "functional medicine". I absolutely love that he cites literature and does reviews of numerous studies into one cohesive article, and gives recommendations off that. For his eating philosophy, he emphasizes incorporating healthy fats and plenty of veggies, or a "pegan" diet (cross between paleo and vegan). I definitely recommend checking out his site and maybe one of his books, too!


This is a website dedicated to a holistic way of looking at health: mind, body, and the environment around you. It's got everything from recipes, yoga and workouts, to ways to live more consciously and peacefully. A great place to tinker around for inspiration!

Dr. Josh Axe

A licensed doctor, Dr. Josh Axe is also interested in a holistic approach to medicine, and that includes nutrition. I love his articles on benefits and nutritional profiles of certain foods, and I appreciate that he cites the literature for his posts.

Amy MD

Also a licensed doctor, Amy is also trying to find the balance between modern medicine and a holistic approach. A great inspiration, both in her blog and on Instagram.


You may or may not have heard of this site, but it's the go-to place if you yourself want to do some research into if a specific claim has even been proven by science! Simply type in keywords (like weight loss, acai) and look at the article summaries!